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Militec-1 Industrial Applications

The high value of Militec-1 for industrial maintenance has been proven over and over by many well-known industrial companies. The savings derived from Militec-1 use are many times greater than the cost of the product.

Instructions for Industrial

Militec-1 is the only oil additive/metal conditioner that has successfully penetrated the industrial market. Even more importantly, Militec-1 has been proven to be completely safe in metal-to-metal friction environments. Not one report has come from industry that shows a detrimental effect or negative outcome.

There are many applications forMilitec-1. It is compatible with all motor oils, gear oils, hydraulic fluids and greases. It uses the oils as a vehicle to get to the metal surface which it penetrates (into the micro-pores) and bonds to the metal when the temperature reaches 150oF to 160oF. It can also be applied directly to metal surfaces such as in machine shop applications and on bearing surfaces before grease is packed.

Bonding occurs through a chemical reaction between the Militec-1 and the metal. Militec-1 becomes part of the metal itself, not just a coating on top of the metal. Scientific testing of treated metal surfaces shows that Militec-1 significantly increased the stiffness of the surface (not the hardness of the metal). Militec-1 does not remain in the oil when used at the recommended ratios. This is why Militec-1 should be added in addition to the normal amount of primary lubricant. Militec-1 is highly concentrated and only a small amount is needed.

Militec-1 was assessed in accordance with OSHA CFR 1910.1200 and determined not to be hazardous. Safety precautions are typically the same as for hydrocarbon lubricants: keep away from open flames; keep out of reach of children; keep container closed when not in use; store in original container; keep off food items; avoid eye contact; avoid repeated and/or prolonged skin contact; wash thoroughly after handling; avoid breathing oil mists.

The flash point of Militec-1 is 410oF and the auto-ignition temperature is 715oF. It has been seen to work at +2,000oF and -100oF. Once it has bonded with the metal, it has the characteristics of metal rather than fluid.

There is a caution to observe when using Militec-1 in some industrial equipment. When the equipment manufacturer specifies "non-detergent oil only", and there is a significant buildup of sludge in that equipment, or there is polycarbonate used for a window or filter bowl, Militec-1 should not be used. While these conditions are rare, they do occur. Militec-1 has a slight detergency and will loosen the sludge. However, if there is no sludge, Militec-1 can be used. Many Militec-1 customers change their polycarbonate filter bowls to metal or glass so they can use Militec-1 to obtain its benefit without the concern of causing cracks in the polycarbonate windows.

Recommended Uses:

  • Gears
  • Transmissions
  • Bearings
  • Engines
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Gear Couplings
  • Gear Reducers
  • Pumps
  • Electric Motors
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Compressors, Generators, Pistons, Rotary, and Air Conditioning units
  • Hydraulic Sprockets and Chains
  • Machine Shop/Air Tools/Compactors
  • Sealed Valves/Stone Cutting/Drilling/Truck Lift Gates/Pressure Washers
  • And ALL Lubrication systems requiring extra protection from extreme pressure, friction related heat and high-wear conditions

MILITEC-1is being used in all of these applications to enhance the existing lubricants capabilities and improve the operating performance of the equipment.

MILITEC-1 use is unlimited when there is a need to reduce, friction, wear and heat on any metal to metal application.


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