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Militec-1 Military Applications

















Instructions for Military

MILITEC-1 has been PROVEN to be the very best lubricant for all firearms. You will see the many reports from law enforcement agencies and others documenting the superior abilities of MILITEC-1. It is not only the very best by far, it is also the least expensive to use. In fact, it is so cheap that even those who do a lot of shooting will be hard pressed to use $1.00 worth of MILITEC-1 per year. So how good can it be? Here's how good:

  • The state police agency of a mid-Atlantic state has been using MILITEC-1 exclusively for 10+ years. Before MILITEC-1, they had experienced 10 malfunctions in the field and an average of two malfunctions per month on their training range. For the past 10+ years they have not had even one malfunction. They tested MILITEC-1 for six months before they made the switch. You can read their report.
  • The U.S. Shooting Team reported an 11% increase in accuracy (read the letter [see pdf file]) while one of the world's best law enforcement shooting teams credits MILITEC-1 for part of their success (read that letter [see pdf file]). Others also report better accuracy.
  • Once MILITEC-1 is applied, it is good for over 1,000 rounds with no cleaning necessary. Several reports support this claim.
  • When you get around to cleaning a weapon, you can throw out your cleaners and solvents. You won't need them anymore. Just use a dry patch to wipe it clean. Cleaning will no longer be a big chore! See what others say. For application instructions, CLICK HERE.
  • MILITEC-1 also protects against rust and corrosion when used in wet or hot, humid conditions as well as frigid wintry conditions (see the reports on this).
  • It takes less than one drop to lubricate a handgun for over 1,000 rounds. One ounce of MILITEC-1 supplies 1,000 drops. How do you use so little when you are lubricating the bore and all the mechanisms? Moisten a patch with MILITEC-1 and just apply a very thin film to the metal. Put the patch in a plastic bag to store it and use it over and over.
  • MILITEC-1 is being used by over 75 military organizations.
  • MILITEC-1 is approved and is being used by the U.S. Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Internal Revenue Service, State Department and many other state and local law enforcement and correctional agencies.
  • MILITEC-1 has National Stock Numbers (NSNs) and is being stocked by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). One Ounce, 100 per case: NSN: 9150-01-9112; Four Ounce, 12 per case: NSN: 9150-01-9114.


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