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Militec-1 Applications

Militec-1 can be used in many applications:

                   Military Applications
Automative & Transportation Applications
Industrial Applications                  
and more...



Industrial Applications
MILITEC-1 is a clear golden synthetic liquid resembling an SAE 10-weight oil. When MILITEC-1 is added to the primary lubricant of any machine, it will increase operating efficiency, extend equipment life, reduce down-time and cut unscheduled maintenance.

Military Applications
MILITEC-1 has been PROVEN to be the very best lubricant for all firearms. You will see the many reports from law enforcement agencies and others documenting the superior abilities of MILITEC-1. It is not only the very best by far, it is also the least expensive to use. In fact, it is so cheap that even those who do a lot of shooting will be hard pressed to use $1.00 worth of MILITEC-1 per year.

Automotive Applications
Treating vehicles with Militec-1 will help the customers achieve the maximum in efficiency, operation, and performance. The vehicle life will be extended by reducing the friction and wear dramatically in all moving parts in the engine, transmission, differential and power steering units. This will result in dramatic performance, longevity and dollar savings for maintenance over the life of the vehicle. That's what it's all about!


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